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Black Minds Matter UK is a charity providing free one-to-one and culturally relevant therapy for Black individuals and families. We are super passionate about their purpose and collaborated with them to build a better brand and create a deeper impact.


Working with organisations that specifically support Black communities? That's our biggest joy. We teamed up with Black Minds Matter UK for a real game-changer of a workshop. Our brief was to refocus the team on their mission, vision and values, enabling them to powerfully communicate the importance of their work. We co-created a refreshed brand framework that equips the charity with a better brand to support its vision and impact.
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As a small charity, we had only one day with the client to turn around a full brand strategy process and create their framework. So, before diving in, we spoke with Black Minds Matter's CEO to ensure we were all on the same page about our workshop plan and what we expected from the session. Then, we went into research mode, conducting insightful interviews with a brand partner, a donor and a trustee—to understand their perceptions of the Black Minds Matter brand. This allowed us to create a full picture of the audience's views from different angles.
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We had a blast spending a day with the Black Minds Matter team, diving deep into their brand. We explored how they could embed anti-racism into their brand's DNA in the way it already exists in their daily work. We shook things up with a dynamic workshop, breaking everyone into mini brainstorming groups. Under time limitations, they tackled different brand pillars and developed fresh ideas. Then, together, we polished these thoughts into a refreshed brand framework. It was a day filled with energy and creativity, a chance for the team to come together, step back from the day to day and collectively shape the organisation's positioning.
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Black Minds Matter's name is a powerful call to action and a promise. That's one of the reasons their brand needs the same level of clarity. In our workshop, we zeroed in on developing a brand framework that would help them deliver on their promise. We focused on ensuring their brand was as impactful and accountable as their name suggests. With the framework we created, Black Minds Matter UK was able to go on to refine its visual and verbal identity, clearly communicating its mission, vision, values and promise to deepen its impact.
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Working with an organisation whose brand is a call to action and hope specifically for Black communities is a unique and special opportunity. It was such a joyful experience. Working to support Black people specifically is a core part of my personal brand, so it was invigorating to spend a day with others committed to doing the same.
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“Working with Collette and the Brand by Me team has definitely been one of our organisational highlights. We went into the session unsure of the direction we wanted to go in but by the time the day ended, we were not only clear on the trajectory, we were also super excited to get started. The output from the day highlighted to us how we showed up in the world, how we are perceived by our community and also gave us a road map of next steps to make sure that we deliver impact now and in the future.”

Danielle Bridge, CEO, Black Minds Matter

Recognising and addressing how your brand upholds systems of oppression helps drive social justice. We can show you how.

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