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To create environments where everyone can be healthy, it’s vital to listen to and amplify the voices of people that are most disproportionately affected by poor health outcomes. We worked with Guys and St Thomas’ Foundation to help the Communications and Engagement team come up with a “DEI action plan” so that their communications reflect and support its diverse local communities.


We’ve had the pleasure of working with Guys and St Thomas' Foundation on a number of projects over the last few years. Our first project was with the Communications and Engagement department. They wanted to unite their teams behind a shared set of principles and come up behaviours and actions that support equitable and anti-oppressive communications. For this process, they were keen to focus on anti-racism and socio-economic status while addressing the root causes of inequity and exclusion. Through interactive workshops and co-creation sessions, we developed an action plan designed to amplify marginalised voices and directly tackle health disparities.
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We held a kick-off session with the Communications and Engagement Leadership team to understand their current challenges and barriers when it came to understanding and embedding equity and inclusion in their work. Once we understood the key challenges, we were able to develop a bespoke series of workshops to inspire learning and action.
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We led an inital focused workshop that asked the Communications teams to explore why taking an anti-oppressive approach was key to the organisation's mission. We asked them to think about their role in driving the wider Foundation's Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion strategy and also introduced different ways of working and behaviours key to building anti-oppressive communications. For example, we created a ‘wall of wins’ to celebrate things the whole department were proud of in relation to their individual inclusion journeys, because recognising progress and learning is really important. The workshops were also designed to create an open space where teams could unlearn the ways that systems of oppression are embedded into communications best practice and learn from eeach other.
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To help the teams understand and shape how they needed to show up differently,we co-created a set of equitable and inclusive communications principles. These principles emphasised proactive partnering with those from marginalised communities, listening first, working transparently, and prioritising equity in all communications efforts.
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Following the development of the principles, we helped the whole department co-create individual action plans for teams to set out how they would embed and deliver equity and inclusion on a day to day basis. We also used this session to help teams understandhow the action plan would be managed, whether it was robust enough and whether commitment was ripe. We wanted to make sure that all teams understood the principles and felt encouraged and equipped to apply them, making anti-oppression a natural part of their workflow and decision-making processes.
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We followed up with regular accountability and support sessions with Collette, where a core working group would come together to evaluate progress, discuss challenges and share learnings in a safe space on a quarterly basis.
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“Developing a clear set of principles before launching into action, helped teams commit to the behaviours and ways of working needed for equitable and inclusive working. These principles became part of the language of the teams, and felt inspiring but also practical. Equity and inclusion can seem abstract – but having strong principles makes it real."
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“Brand by Me are great to work with and Collette is exceptional in her direct approach and her expert relevant knowledge. She really gets to know your organisation, guides you through a process in which your team learns and develops but more importantly your team co-designs and owns the work. I’ve loved working with Brand by Me, as Collette’s energy and commitment to help drive organisational change is truly infectious.”

Pearl Saadi – Director of Communications, Guy’s & St Thomas’ Foundation

Recognising and addressing how your brand upholds systems of oppression helps drive social justice. We can show you how.

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