We put equity at the heart of brand identity.

We create brand strategy that drives social justice. By focusing on equity, anti-oppression and anti-racism, we help you turn your values into real impact.

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Black Minds Matter UK logo in grey
Black Minds Matter UK logo in grey
Black Minds Matter UK logo in grey
Black Minds Matter UK logo in grey

The problem

Traditional diversity and inclusion approaches aren’t working.

Here's the harsh reality: Many brands contribute to unfair practices that support oppressive systems. If this keeps going unchecked, even with lots of DEI policies, there's no way to achieve social justice.

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Is there another way?

When you build anti-racism and anti-oppression – and you need both! - into your brand strategy, it becomes part of what your organisation stands for. By becoming a learning organisation and investing in equity for the long term, you can truly deliver on your mission.

Founder Collette sitting in an office at a blue table having a discussion with a client.


Every project starts with a thorough review of your brand’s ecosystem, a review of your channels, your team, your partners and your processes. We’ll also help you listen to and learn from the lived experiences of your audiences.

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We work with you to explore and understand your challenges and opportunities. We love to workshop and know that the best ideas come from internal insight, external inspiration, and expert facilitation.

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We create principles for anti-racist, inclusive and accessible communications to underpin all brand output. For seemingly complex topics, we like to keep our toolkits simple and easy to work with.

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A British Pakistani man and wheelchair user delivering a workshop at the front of a room, wearing bright patterned clothes.


Our framework helps you embed anti-racism and anti-oppression into your brand. We help you turn ideas into action, with activities that set up tangible, long-term change.

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Collette talking to an audience as part of a workshop, holding Brand By Me cards.


Together, we'll develop clear measures of progress and impact so you can easily identify what's working and what needs to change. Remember, your anti-racism journey won’t be linear. Committing to regular reviews, reflection, and improvement makes sure you stay accountable.

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Theresa our Research Lead, a Black woman with short curly hair wearing a red blazer, talking about research findings.

Let's Talk

Anti-racism and equity are more than a goal or project. They’re a mindset, a commitment and a lifelong journey towards social justice. If you need help getting started, we’re here.

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