Brand by Me “Wrapped” 2023

December 19, 2023
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We are approaching the end of the year, so taking our cue from the annual, hotly-anticipated Spotify ‘Wrapped’ campaign here are our highlights for  2023

1. Your top genre was ‘Workshops’

We love to workshop! We create safe, brave spaces for uncomfortable conversation that leads to practical action. We bring joy and energy into the room (because this work can feel really heavy at points). And no shade, no judgement – we know that people are scared of being called out so we offer our insight as shared learning and invite people to reflect.

Here are some great bits of feedback from our clients about the impact of our workshops:

“In a lot of the conversations about the antiracism work, outside of just comms, there hadn’t been an airing of our ‘dirty laundry’. And so, this process did so on our comms. And I think that was incredibly valuable to just say, this is where racism has shown up..”
“What most impressed us was the passion and enthusiasm. Just being on a Zoom call for 20 minutes is a wonderful experience and you come off it wanting to do so much more.”
“There’s just no way we could have got anywhere near delivering what we have done without Collette. She’s facilitated all the workshops which has been brilliant because I wouldn’t have the skills or the expertise to do that, no chance. But she’s come into a difficult space, where having conversations about diversity, equity, inclusion can be uncomfortable and she’s just set the tone right from the start all the way through, just done a brilliant job..”

2. You spent on average 40 HOURS a month on Zoom!

 Screenshot of Collette, Ettie and Sulaiman on Zoom working together. They are all smiling and joyful.

We love running online workshops and hybrid events (we also love in-person ones too!). Hybrid events aren’t just about live-streaming an in-person event but making sure that digital attendees are involved and engaged and that speakers have the flexibility to join remotely too. It’s sometimes not easy, but taking the time to think things through before the event will make a successful hybrid event possible.

Zoom is still our preferred platform. But, no matter what platform you use, make sure you know it inside out before the workshop – it’s frustrating for you and attendees if you’re spending time working out how to do the basics during the workshop. Most platforms will have online tutorials and support so use them! Also, do a trial run (or a couple) well in advance and make sure you have people join you (rather than doing it on our own) so that you can iron out any bugs.

We’ve written a couple of blog posts on how to run both online workshops and hybrid events – you can learn more here and here.

3. Your top three podcast episodes

3 images of Collette smiling on album artwork of podcast episodes

Leadership in Colour hosted by Shez Iqbal

Strategy Sessions podcast hosted by Andi Jarvis
Collette says: “To be clear, when Brand By Me started doing anti-racism work as part of our offer, which we’ve done as part of our social justice work for all the time we’ve been set up. But we’ve always done it. I always talk about it, done it by stealth.”

Are you sitting uncomfortably? hosted by Gemma Greaves
Collette says: “But for Black people, when you’re given comments about your hair, our hair is part of who we are. We shouldn’t have to change ourselves to aspire to European beauty norms and European hairstyles just to be able to get ahead at work. That’s a fundamental sign of eroding part of who you are.”

4. Brand By Me’s album ‘Proud Sponsors’ was released!

Inspired by the Toni Morrison quote –“If you have some power, then your job is to empower somebody else. This is not just a grab-bag candy game.”– we’ve had a great year and so have made sure we’ve paid it forward, and supported organisations and initiatives we really believe in. Here are just three of the ways we’ve put what Toni Morrison says into action:

Lead sponsor of Join Our Table
An initiative promoting the visibility of Black women in the advertising, marketing, media and communications industries. The campaign ran on digital outdoor billboards and screens across the country throughout October 2023. We gave shoutouts to Black women with affirmations like “We got you, sis!” and “Queens come through!”.

Sponsored PRECIOUS award ‘Creative Business of the Year 2023

At the awards evening, Collette gave a  speech where she said:

“in the creative industries where Black women are so often overlooked, exploited, overburdened and invisible, being seen and recognised really matters and we are super proud to be sponsoring the award for the second year running.”

Provided match funding for Abram Wilson Christmas campaign

We worked with Abram Wilson on their first ever brand strategy back in 2020 and we were blown away by their work and mission. And now, more than ever before, their work opening doors for minoritised young people in the music industry is both vital and needed. Music education is being cut from the curriculum for all but the very privileged few and with a music industry that creates huge barriers to entry for people from minoritised groups this only seeks to further marginalise, discourage and exclude even further. And that’s why we were proud to be one of the match funders for their 2023 Christmas campaign.

Corporate donors for The Ebonista Project and Youth Concern

We know that right now, many small charities are in a “cost of giving” crisis – where they are struggling to find donors to support their important work. Whilst we’ve always given yearly Christmas donations, this year we committed to support these two amazing organisations for the next 3 years. We actually did Youth Concern’s brand identity back in 2017 and Ebonista is another organisation very close to our hearts as they are a Black, female-led charity working in Luton, our founder’s home town.

5. Most played song was ‘Team Days”

We came together in person for the first time ever as a team, for a very special photoshoot in November 2023. It was a glorious day and part of a very exciting project that we will reveal early in 2024!

6. Your top seven songs by the Brand By Me Team

  • ‘Do The Work’ – Collette

“I think this has been my catchphrase for the year – encouraging marketers and leaders from a breadth of industries to do the work of moving their organisations from ticking diversity boxes to anti-racism. And I am so proud of the work our whole team has done to make this happen”

Collette Philip, Founder and Managing Director

  • ‘Not an AI’ – Leah

“One of the most memorable highlights of 2023 was undoubtedly the Brand By Me photoshoot. It was a rare occasion where our entire team, save for one, gathered in person. We’re a dynamic group, typically connecting online where I’m trying my best not to come across as an AI bot, but witnessing everyone’s vibrant personalities unite face-to-face was an unparalleled experience. It solidified the incredible co-worker friendship vibes within our expanding team. Being part of such gatherings is something I treasure, and it only fuels my excitement for what’s in store for us in 2024 – a secret that’s brewing with anticipation!”

Leah James, Creative Administrator

  • ‘Anti-racism in Action’ – Almaz

“Working on the anti-racism strategy for Ramblers was incredibly rewarding and I’m looking forward to seeing our work in action!”

Almaz Ohene, Content Lead

  • ‘Radical Badass’ – Sulaiman

“A particular highlight of working with Brand By Me in 2023 is that we got to work with some incredible clients and that I was challenged even further to embed anti-racism into my work.”

Sulaiman R Khan, Disability Justice Lead

  • ‘Train Reaction’ – Ettie

“One of the most incredible experiences I’ve had this year as part of the Brand By Me team has been supporting Collette and Sulaiman to design a training programme that covered anti-racism, Disability justice, inclusive language, equitable storytelling, progression over perfection and celebrating success.”

Ettie Bailey-King, Inclusive Communications Lead

  • ‘Booked & Busy’ — Tia
  • “My highlight of the year has to be the shoot for sure! It looks absolutely incredible and I’m so excited for everyone to see it. As a Virtual Assistant, you don’t often get to meet up with or see your clients in person so this was such a lovely experience. Working with Brand By Me is incredible. Collette is fantastic and such a powerhouse within her field. Absolutely honoured to be able to assist such a fabulous team!”

Tia Denton, Virtual Assistant

  • ‘Dream Team’ – Theresa

“My highlight has been working with Collette and meeting the team for the first time this year. I love Collette’s approach to work and the vibrancy of both herself and everyone involved with Brand By Me. I feel excited to be part of the journey!”

Theresa Jones, Research Lead

Us, wrapped 2023