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Top 10 reasons for building a strong brand

September 4, 2017
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Ever wondered why top businesses and organisations are constantly working to make their brands stronger?

Building a brand isn’t just about creating nice logos or branded marketing materials, but finding ways to successfully articulate your brand and embedding this into everything you do.  So if you’ve wondered why a business might spend time and or money building it’s brand…

Here are 10 reasons to build your brand today :

  1. A strong brand helps us deliver our strategy – because it reminds us why we’re doing things.
  2. It increases the value of what we do because it increases our appeal to others. (I wrote a whole blog post just on this topic.)
  3. It attracts the right people to us by showing that we are like-minds.  Whether this is the customers who need what we offer, the clients we can most help or the talented people who will help our business thrive.
  4. A strong brand helps us prioritise the actions that will have the most impact and gives us focus.
  5. It helps us build trust because it makes us more authentic and consistent, by linking what we do to why and how we do it.
  6. It helps us stand out because it highlights our strengths and why we are different.
  7. A strong brand makes us accountable to our customers, clients, staff and partners because it makes a promise that we need to deliver on.
  8. Building a brand allows us to place a premium on what we do.  How? It helps us demonstrate the value we add.
  9. It calls out to the people we want so we don’t have to chase after them
  10. Finally, a strong brand makes our tactics and delivery WAY more effective by constantly reinforcing who we are and what we do well.

These are my top 10 reasons for building a strong brand. What do you think?  Have I missed any? Let me know in the comments below.

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